Nursery Facilities

Where We Play

Our nursery is set within a very modern well-designed building. The spacious, bright and airy rooms provide a wonderful atmosphere for the children to play in. Our bathroom facilities are purpose-built for small children with tiny toilets and low sinks. We have different areas of play centered around our large main room. In addition to our main room, we also have a separate parents room, an outside play area with generous sheltered areas and we make full use of the school hall, school field, Forest School area and wildlife garden.

Free Flow Play

With our purpose built setting, we are able to provide your children with the best opportunities for real free flow play. Large glazed doors open out directly onto our playground where the children can freely move from one environment to another. Free flow play is recognised as an important part of early years development, and we are able to fulfil this with ease with the design of our building.


Safeguarding is always at the forefront of our minds. Our setting has  a range of features that help us to keep your children safe. Doors, fences, gates, locks, electrical installations etc. have all been configured from the outset with children in mind.