If you would like to read any of our school policies, please click on the links below to download.  Paper copies of all policies are also available on request from the School Office.

Accessibility Plan 2017-2020

Admissions Policy July 2021

Anti-bullying Policy March 2021

Attendance Policy March 2021

Behaviour Policy February 2021

Calculation Policy September 2019

Charging, Remissions and Debt Policy    under review

Collective Worship Policy under review

Complaints Policy and Procedures September 2021

Educational Visits Policy September 2020

DRAFT KCSiE E-safety Policy February 2021

Equality of Opportunity Policy February 2019

Feedback Policy

GDPR Data Protection Policy September 2020

Governing Body’s Behaviour Principles February 2021

Role of the Link Governor Policy updated April 2022

Handwriting Policy

Homework Policy September 2017

Marking and Assessment Policy September 2017

Medical Conditions Policy March 2021

Mobile Phones and Cameras Policy (including Smart Devices) February 2022

No Smoking Policy February 2022

Prevent Leaflet for Parents

Presentation Policy

Privacy Notice – Parents and Carers

Pupil Premium Policy February 2020

Remote Learning Policy updated January 2021

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy September 2021

Child Protection Policy Addendum JANUARY 2021

SSCB – Contacts and definitions – January 2019

The SEND Information Report updated November 2019

SMSC Policy January 2019

Snow and Bad Weather Policy and Procedures February 2022

Visitors’ Policy February 2020

KCSiE Whistleblowing Policy November 2021

We constantly keep our policies under review and try to update them as quickly as possible, in accordance with changes in legislation.  Please contact the School Office, if the information you require is not shown above.