You can read about the people who make up our board of governors below. If you would like to read official governance documents relating to our school, you can visit our governance page under our ‘Key Info’ section:

Governance Documents

Governing Body

At Bicton C. E. Primary School and Nursery, our Governing Body is made up of the Head teacher, a member of our teaching staff, our vicar, a foundation governor, parent governors who are nominated by other parents, a Local Authority governor and 2 co-opted governors.

As part of our school leadership team, our governors provide challenge in their role in self evaluation and school improvement planning. They play a much-valued role in helping to raise and maintain standards.

Governors meet throughout the school year with one full Governing Body meeting each term, as well as sub-committee meetings several times a year, with specific ‘duties’ linked to different aspects of school life.  Our Governing Body strives to provide the best possible education for all of our pupils.

The Head teacher meets regularly with the Chair of Governors to discuss progress towards school improvement priorities.

Link governors visit school regularly during the year to visit classes, talk to pupils and meet with staff.

(During the Covid-19 pandemic, our Governing Body meet in person where possible and some meetings are still held remotely where necessary.)  

Governor Newsletter March 2021

Governor Newsletter November 2020

We are lucky enough to have an excellent team of governors at Bicton. Full details of each member can be seen below:

Mrs Shirley Ansell – Local Authority Governor

Mrs Ansell’s children and grandchildren have attended Bicton C E Primary School. “I firmly believe that a quality education is the most valuable thing we can give our children.  At Bicton School, I am proud to say that every child counts.”  

Committee Membership

Complaints (reserve)
Finance and General Personnel – Chair
Pupil Discipline – Chair
Salaries and Performance Management – Chair
Staff Discipline/Staff Dismissal Appeals – Clerk

Re-appointment date – November 2020

Term of office end date – 10/11/2024

 Mrs Caroline Bailey – Parent

(Resigned 10/05/2021)

Committee Membership

Finance and General Personnel – Clerk
Salaries and Performance Management (Not HTPM) – Clerk
Staff Discipline/Staff Dismissal – Chair

Staff/Governor Relationship

Sister of N Johnson

Miss Eleanor Carr – Staff

Committee Membership

Standards and Curriculum

Appointment date – February 2020

Term of office end date – 04/02/2024


Mrs Juliette Freeman – Chair – Co-opted

Juliette is a parent and a co-opted governor. Her area of expertise is Early Years; she is a local authority Early Years Advisor and was previously employed as an Ofsted Early Years Inspector.

Committee Membership

Finance and General Personnel – Clerk
Premises, Security and Health and Safety (reserve)
Pupil Discipline – Clerk
Salaries and Performance Management – Clerk
Staff Discipline/Staff Dismissal Appeals – Chair
Standards and Curriculum – Clerk

Re-appointment date – May 2020

Term of office end date – 23/05/2024

Ms Jessica Greenwood – Parent

“I have worked at The Shrewsbury & Telford Hospitals NHS Trust for nearly 10 years now as the Lead Cancer Nurse. More recently I have also taken on the role as Strategic Lead for Cancer for the Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin. Previous to this I spent 13 years working in London in both NHS and private hospitals. During this time I held the Office of Treasurer for a national nursing association and also worked with the European Association of Urological Nurses to help develop standardised aspects of urological nursing practice. I have formerly been on the Editorial board for the International Journal of Urological Nursing and in 2001 was fortunate to win the Prince of Wales and King’s Fund Award for Healthcare which was presented by HRH The Prince of Wales at a ceremony at St James’s Palace.

I am a huge advocate for advancing nursing practice and also for improving patient experience. I hope to bring this to my role as Parent Governor as I am familiar with policies, procedure and standards and am passionate about education and helping people. My eldest is nearing his GCSE’s and I have two other children, the youngest of which is a attends Bicton Primary. I have experienced all ages and classes and would love the opportunity to use this to support Bicton School, its students, staff and parents to serve them all and meet their needs both now and in the years to come.”

Committee Membership

Staff Discipline/Staff Dismissal Appeals (reserve)
Standards and Curriculum

Appointment date – December 2020

Term of office end date – 08/12/2024

Dr Richard Jeffries – Parent

“My children are very happy at Bicton. I want to give something in return. As an environmental scientist I know that the future of our world will be in the hands of our children and it is a privilege to support a school that creates well-informed, well-balanced individuals. I bring what I hope are useful experience from voluntary roles, including being a Scout leader and running community events and social enterprises. I hope that my enthusiasm, experience and approach means I fulfil the role of parent governor well – but more than that I’m delighted to do it.” 

Committee Membership

Finance and General Personnel
Premises, Security and Health and Safety – Clerk
Pupil Discipline (reserve)
Salaries and Performance Management
Staff Discipline/Staff Dismissal – Chair

Appointment date – February 2019

Term of office end date – 31/01/2023

Mrs Natalie Johnson – Headteacher

Committee Membership

Finance and General Personnel
Premises, Security and Health and Safety
Salaries and Performance Management
Standards and Curriculum

Staff/Governor Relationship

Sister of C Bailey

Term of office end date – 02/03/2023

Ms Janet Leake – Foundation

“I have worked for over 30 years teaching primary school age children. For me, every child deserves access to a well-rounded education, in a safe and encouraging environment.  As Foundation Governor, I hope that I can use my experience to support the school, in maintaining its Christian ethos and developing resilience for the future.” 

Committee Membership

Appeals (reserve)
Complaints – Chair
Pupil Discipline
Salaries and Performance Management
Standards and Curriculum – Chair

Appointment date – September 2019

Term of office end date – 04/09/2023

Reverend Hannah Lins – Foundation

“My real passion is for affirming and encouraging people in the fullness of their identity. So I believe that education should be holistic, attending to those things that aren’t measurable and yet form our character: like our capacity for kindness, our community spirit, our awareness of our environment, and our sense of the divine- of God at work in our lives. At Bicton School this is an enormous strength – there is a real commitment to helping children to recognise themselves as unique, complex, members of something bigger and all equally valued. I hope that as a governor I can be part of that holy ground – where children are given the space to ask the big questions, to explore themselves and the world around them and to have confidence in who they are and the place we each have in our life together.”

Committee Membership

Appeals – Clerk
Complaints – Clerk
Staff Discipline/Staff Dismissal – Clerk

Foundation Governor at Bomere Heath C E Primary School

Appointment date – July 2021

Term of office end date – July 2022

Mr Robert Marsden – Parent

“Having moved to Shrewsbury two years ago, and appreciated the welcome and ethos of Bicton School, I would be honoured to serve as a Governor if elected. Having never been a Governor I would have lots to learn.  I have many years’ experience in managing my own business, working with all sorts of people and being a Dad. As a stay-at-home dad, I have time to be actively involved, as required throughout the week. My children are currently in Years 3 and 5 and have grown in confidence and love their school – for this I am truly grateful.” January 2020

Committee Membership

Premises, Security and Health and Safety
Staff Discipline/Staff Dismissal (reserve)

Appointment date – January 2020

Term of office end date – 30/01/2024

Mr John Street – Vice-Chair – Co-opted

“I can bring to the Governing Body, my 10 years’ experience as a Community Governor and my professional skills and experiences in the areas of building strong and healthy relationships, managing and delivering change, and personnel management. 

I have spent over thirty years working in the retail industry, most recently in the area of business transformation and have significant experience in delivering change and in operational and people management. Working for a Community retailer has allowed me the opportunity to engage and co-operate within the local environment.  I have two teenage children, who have recently completed their journey through primary education, allowing me to experience the early years educational experience as a parent and to see the challenges faced by priamry education.

Having worked closely with the school, I have and continue to be impressed by the role it takes and fulfils in the local community and I am keen to ensure that it continues to shine and prosper.”

Committee Membership

Appeals – Chair
Premises, Security and Health and Safety
Staff Discipline/Staff Dismissal Appeals

Re-appointment date – April 2019

Term of office end date – 08/04/2023

Reverend Mary-Lou Toop – Foundation

(Term ended 30/06/2021)

“I can bring to the Governing Body: past experience as a school governor for both community and church schools, the ability to be a strong link between the Diocese, the local church and our school to support school in fulfilling its Christian ethos and identity, and professional skills and experience in the area of pastoral care, building healthy relationships and personnel management.” Mary-Lou Toop

Re-appointment date – July 2019

Term ended – 30/06/2021