Free Flow Play

Free Flow PlayFree Flow Play has been recognised as an important factor in effective early years education. For those who are unfamiliar with it, in brief, this is where each individual child is allowed to make free choices of what they want to do next. They can choose whether they play indoors or outdoors, messy play, role play, or quiet play. They can also choose who to play with. The benefits of this part of the day is that the children learn from their choices and from the consequences of their choices. It helps build relationships and acts as a catalyst to creativity.

At Bicton Nursery we use Free Flow Play as part of a wider timetable of activities and we see how effective this time can be to bring out new skills and to help with the development of the children.

Within our purpose built setting, we are able to give your children the best opportunities for real free flow play. Large glazed doors open out directly onto our playground where the children can freely move from one environment to another.